Hi there!

I’m Michelle, 21 years old. This blog is all about the things I love in life. As you might have already figured out: I love reading with a cup of tea, biscuits and I’m vegan!

I went vegan 1,5 year ago because I don’t agree with how the industries treats animals and how nowadays animals are used for the pleasure of humans. It breaks my heart to see that. I wasn’t a vegetarian before, nope. I went vegan right away. Cold turkey. I’ve never felt so strong before. Being vegan means a lot to me, it really changed my way of thinking. But I can talk a lot about veganism haha.

Beside those things I love my job (I work as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital), my dog, nature, going on vacation, writing, tattoos, music, ballet and working out! So basically my blog will be about all that. It will be about how I’m enjoying my life :).






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