Healthy eating

Everyday I start with the goal to eat healthy, but somehow I alwskip-the-diet-just-eat-healthy-quote-1ays end up a package of cookies… x) I’m probably not the only one with that struggle and they say that it helps to write down you goal. So that”s what I’m doing now. My goal is to eat healthier and by that I don’t mean the powerfoods they talk about or the raw vegan diets or whatever. I don’t believe in that and beside that I looooove junkfood. So I will just try to skip the cookies and try to replace that with more fruits. Of course once in a while I’ll continue eating cookies or junkfood. I’m not going for a body like a model, I’m going for a healthier me :). The plan is to not eat cookies for a week haha. Do you have a goal (doesn’t matter if it’s about food or something else) that you want to achieve for this week? Let’s do it together :)!




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